Sunday, March 3, 2013

A night to remember

About two months ago, a couple of my cousins and friends and I bought tickets to the Passion Pit / Matt & Kim concert, not knowing that the venue we were going to was going to be so crazy. 
Renee and Ashleigh got in line around 4:15 and saved our spot until Cory, Shauna, and I got there around 5:30.  Doors opened at 6:30, and as soon as we got in, we ran straight to the front. We were standing about 3 rows from the stage and everything was calm and normal... until people around us started pushing and shoving. We were so packed, we couldn't move. There would be times that your feet wouldn't be touching the floor, but there were so many people pushed up against you that you would stay above the ground.... 
anywho, it kept getting crazier and crazier, and we were ready to get out of this mosh pit that had started.. but there was no way out. Trying to push your way through was absolutely impossible, and it didn't help that the people around us were all at least six feet tall. Renee, Ashleigh, and I were all holding hands, but Cory and Shauna got separated from us.  
Before the concert even started, little Ashleigh passed out and collapsed on us. We got people to help us get her to the front, and Security lifted over the rail, out of the pit. Renee, then went with her to help her and make sure she was okay, so I was left alone... in the middle of a mosh pit... scared to death. 
About ten minutes after they got lifted out, I got hit in the face and my lip started bleeding everywhere.. And then I started to get really dizzy and I couldn't get air so I blacked out and stumbled on to the guy next to me. (I promise it wasn't as bad as it sounds).. They helped me get to the front, and one of the guys by me had to hold me up so I wouldn't fall (I probably should mention that he was highly attractive!)  Security then grabbed me and lifted me out of the pit, over the front rail as well. 
By this time, Cory and Shauna had somehow managed to push their way to the back and they had no idea what was happening with Renee, Ashleigh, and I. 
Finally, after Matt and Kim performed (a very crappy performance might I add), we all met up and moved to the back of the venue where it wasn't as crazy. We ended up rocking out, singing, and dancing our hearts out for the rest of the night!
I can easily say I will never forget this night. It was both good and bad, but overall I had a blast and was so happy to be there! 

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