Sunday, July 14, 2013

Who needs words when you can use pictures?

My Summer:

To start off summer (before school got out), I took a weekend trip to Park City with Sage and her family! We stayed in the cutest little condo on the side of main street. Hayden and Camryn also came up for a day, and we all had a blast! We spent our time shopping, meeting new people, and just hanging out. Here is a picture of Sage and I eating ice cream on Main St. 

I really don't have a life anymore, so I spend my days watching The Office.  I had never seen it before, so I decided to start from season one, and am currently on season five. I am OBSESSED. It's unhealthy how obsessed I am. I also am in love with Jim (John Krasinski). I don't care if he's already married and old... He will love me one day. That's all. 

Yesterday was my sweet friend Hayden's 17th birthday. Leesa planed a scavenger hunt for him and the final destination was at a park up the canyon, where we surprised him with cake, balloons, games, and food. Despite the rain and not being able to get the fire started, we all had such a fun night! This is a picture of Bo, Hayden, and Me. I'm so happy to be friends with both of these cute boys!

 My friends have recently introduced me to Dave Matthews Band, and I love them. I find myself listening to them more and more every day. Although I don't know every single song, I got a ticket for the concert and am stoked! 

I went to girls camp...and Bri Ray proposed to me... so I guess you all can come to our wedding. Idk. 

For the 4th of July weekend, four of my closest friends took a trip to Torrey with my family and I. We had fun watching the parade, going to the flea market, going to the dance, meeting cute boys,driving through Capitol Reef National Park, and experiencing some hardcore rain storms! 

I love spending time with my cute niece Halle Jill. Here's a picture of us at the Torrey parade! She's the cutest girl I know!

Grandpa Fred was the Grand Marshall in the parade this year!

I made Tanner come to a birthday party with me this June, and we had fun holding chickens! This one was my favorite! 

I was forced to go to camp this year, and I really don't think I would have survived without Renee. It was probably the worst week of summer so far. Yes, we do look happy in this picture... but that's only because we were leaving that day!

Alex and I try to go on an adventure every week or so, and we have the funnest time together. Some of our adventures have been: late night gas station runs, sitting outside of my house and talking at midnight, icee runs, spinning around in the streets, shaved ice runs, going on walks and venting to each other in the rain, laying on his couch and listening to him play guitar, going to my neighbors house and meeting exchange students, etc. He is easily one of the best friends I've ever had!

one time.... Sam, Brielle, and I thought we were cool... yolo. 

definitely a random post

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