Thursday, May 16, 2013


 This year I've had the opportunity to do some amazing things with the girls in my fashion class and the girls in the fashion club at my school.  I've had the chance to have small socials where we all just eat, talk, and design outfits together.  I've had movie nights where we watch confessions of a shopaholic and just hang out. I've had the opportunity to explore New York City for five days with these girls, and I've gotten to do a photoshoot with them as well. I'm sorry for the overload of pictures, but I've had the best year with these girls!

 All of the girls in NYC with designer, George Simonton

 Dinner at B Smith's

 Hanging out with Linda at the MET

 Fashion seminar at The Hat Shop

 Photo Shoot with the Fashion Club.

Photo Credit to all of the photoshoot pictures goes to Hanne Duke.
NYC pictures - Photo Credit: Kris Caldwell

I have had the funnest time with these girls! I'm so happy I've had the chance to do so many fun, memorable things with my fashion class and club! 

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